Finance at BRM Select Cars Ltd

Finance with BRM Select Cars Ltd

At BRM Select Cars Ltd, whatever the price of the car you’re buying we realise that getting the right finance package that suits your budget is as important as the car you’re buying

That's why we work hard to ensure that we have the most competitive and easy to understand finance options available.



MotoNovo Finance

Financing your new purchase can be confusing. MotoNovo finance is here to help you make sense of it all, and give you the confidence to be sure you are making the best decision.



Personal Contract Purchase Plan (PCP)

A flexible solution to help meet your needs. Lower monthly payments, putting the car you really want well within reach.



Hire Purchase (HP)

Fixed payments means no surprises. Decide what you want to pay monthly, and the payment remains fixed. Plus you can always settle the full balance when ever you like.